Welcome to the world of luno coffee!

Our love for coffee is unmatched!
Our desire to share our knowledge and experience, gave birth to this new idea.
And so LUNO was born.
The raw materials that we carefully select, combined with our excellent quality control, guarantee that the LUNO coffee blends are of the highest consistent quality as well as unique.
The secret lies in the balance. A skilled balance of flavour and aromas unlocked in order to revitalize our customers. High quality blends, with carefully selected coffee beans, roasted to perfection for a consistent quality result. An approach with attention to quality and detail.

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Anuga Exhibition 2021

Laiko Group participates in the Anuga 2021 exhibition which will take place on 09/10/2021 until 13/10/2021 in Cologne, Germany. We will be in Hall 7 (spirits), stand E057.


25 Years Zivana LOEL – 25 Years The First in Cyprus!


25 Years Zivana LOEL – 25 Years The First in Cyprus! In a brilliant event, LOEL celebrated, with friends and associates, the 25 years of presence in the market as the First Zivana in Cyprus, Zivanas LOEL. A unique distillate that, since 1996, has rightly been recognized as a national product, loved by Cypriots and considered the ambassador of Cyprus abroad.

On Tuesday, September 28, at the Sculpture Park of Filippos Yiapanis, in Fasoula, Limassol, friends and lovers of Zivana gathered and traveled back in time to learn its history and secrets.

In his speech, the General Manager of LOEL, Kyriakos Hadjittofis pointed out that ‘The 25 years of success of Zivana LOEL, give the opportunity for a series of events that aim to make even more known to the Cypriot consumer, our authentic and unique Zivania and pleasant taste that characterizes it. This will be done in various ways, through individual events, advertising campaigns and screenings that will cover the next semester ‘.

During the event, two new productions were presented with the seal of quality of Zivana LOEL, the collectibles, Special Edition and Limited Edition. They are both products from aged and specially processed spirits, made with the experience and taste of distillation craftsmen, from selected Cypriot grapes of fine varieties.

The Limited Edition will be released aged, in special packaging in 2500 numbered packages. A unique gift for the collectors of the genre but also for the upcoming Christmas and New Year celebrations.

The Special Edition is about Zivana LOEL specially made from the finest spirits that LOEL aims to reach the last fan of Zivana. This collectible package will be the drink at every festive table, at every beautiful moment with the company of friends.

In this way, concluded Mr. Hadjittofis, LOEL, honors the hard work and sweat of the Cypriot viticulturist, whom we support unceasingly, both in the easy and in the difficult. Above all, it honors its rich history and the pioneering workers and farmers, who almost 80 years ago laid the foundations for this strong edifice. The difficulties and adversities that preceded, did not stop the road to success. Successes that bring Zivana LOEL firmly to the forefront of consumer preference.

The LOEL family warmly thanks the attendees, not only for their presence at the beautiful event but also for their support of Zivana LOEL, which with passion, passion and pride, is prepared for 25 years, creating unique moments for each of us.

Happy Birthday to the First of Cyprus !!



Presenting Alasia Commandaria

Presenting Alasia Commandaria

On September 21, 2021, the presentation of the renewed appearance of Alasia Commandaria took place at the new LOEL winery in Agios Silas, in Limassol.

Present at this presentation were important customers and fans of Commandaria where they were informed by the Production Manager of LOEL, Mr. Charalambos Pittakas, about the history and the way of production of Commandaria Alasia.

Attendees had the opportunity to try the two Commandaria, the obsolete of 2005 and the Commandaria of 2017.