Alasia Commandaria

Company LOEL
Category Wines

Alasia Commandaria Aged &

Alasia Commandaria Exceptionally Aged

Traditional Cyprus Liqueur wine with a history dating back to 12th century and was the first wine to be assigned the title of Protected Geographical Origin. Commandaria, by definition is deeply rooted in the wine tradition of Lemesos, with its name coming from the area in which its grapes are harvested and the liqueur is produced. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Commandaria is a worthy ambassador for Cypriot wines. LOEL has its own special tradition with regards to the production of Commandaria. Beginning with the classic Alasia Commandaria that dates back to the very first years of wine production by LOEL. Continuous study and research from the experts at LOEL have resulted in an award winning product, including the highlight of the Great Gold Award by the Organisation Internationale de la Vigne at du Vin. O.I.V. As well as this, Commandaria Alasia Vintage from LOEL, was awarded 2 stars at the International Great Taste awards. These awards were founded in 1994 with more than 500 specialist critics with demanding tastes and it is held once a year in London. In 2016, amongst 10,000 products from all over the world, only 141 were awarded 3 stars, 878 with 2 stars and 2520 with 1 star. Commandaria Alasia Vintage, was the only Cypriot product to receive an award at The Great Taste awards.